PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION: THE COMPANY will charge the appropriate fees to the credit card for the annual plan based on THE CUSTOMER’s chosen rate plan until THE CUSTOMER cancels his/her service. THE COMPANY will maintain THE CUSTOMER’s account active at all times whether THE CUSTOMER uses the service or not therefore there are no refunds for unused years or months while THE CUSTOMER account is active. 

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: All envelopes/packages that are declared not to contain document(s) and are received with proof of delivery to THE ADDRESS with a valid invoice, shall be covered by an insurance policy up to a maximum amount of US$100.00 per package. The insurance covers the route from the time that the package is signed for at THE ADDRESS until it reaches THE COMPANY. The envelope/package should come correctly and adequately packaged for international shipping; otherwise the insurance coverage does not apply. The insurance does not cover items sent from eBay or other bidding websites where the item is sold by an individual and may not be in new condition nor properly packaged. 

The insurance does not cover items such as hazardous materials, flammables, mysterious disappearance, cash, negotiable instruments (checks, traveler checks, money orders), credit cards, securities, valuable objects, jewelry, etc. If an envelope/package is received with these contents, it may be retained and/or notified to the competent authorities in order to allow them to perform the activities required by the authorities in these cases. 

 THE CUSTOMER must notify THE COMPANY of any claim immediately upon opening the item with MBE staff present. If THE CUSTOMER does not verify the contents of the package prior to leaving the THE COMPANY, the coverage will not apply.

THE COMPANY will not refund used items that may arrived damaged from vendors such as EBAY or similar websites that serve as third party marketplaces unless the item is lost or not delivered by THE COMPANY

 COMPLAINT RESOLUTION: THE CUSTOMER will not attempt or establish any plaint or judicial proceeding against THE COMPANY for non-delivery, misdelivery, late delivery, loss or damage, of an envelope / package without prior and written formal complaint made ​​to THE COMPANY, allowing at least thirty (30) working days to enable it to make the necessary inquiries in order to repair or remedy to the extent possible.

PAYMENT METHOD: Upon approval of any refund by THE COMPANY, THE COMPANY may take up to 30 days to process the refund. THE COMPANY will pay all refunds via check no matter the payment method of the initial payment.  Upon receipt of the refund THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that his/her claim has finalized and agrees not to pursue any other type of legal accion.


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